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Colorado River near Kremling

Colorado River near Dotsero

Colorado River below Glenwood Springs

Roaring Fork near Emma

Roaring Fork near Glenwood Springs

Eagle River at Avon



Weather for Edwards

Weather for Glenwood Springs

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A Colorado Fishing license is required on all trips and may be purchased HERE

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John_MMuir grew up fly fishing in Georgia and North Carolina with his brother and on family trips to Wyoming. While attending Ole Miss, he began guiding professionally in the Vail Valley during his summer breaks from college. After completing his degree at Ole Miss in Business, he moved to the Vail Valley permanently to pursue a career in fly fishing, working for a local fly shop for 9 years as Guide and Retail Manager. When Muir is not behind the oars in his raft or drift boat, he is usually hunting or spending time with his wife, Charlotte and their yellow lab, Hula.

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image2Anthony was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa-home of the six time Super Bowl Champion Steelers (had to add that). He started chasing fish about the time he could walk with his dad and grandfathers. The passion for fishing was passed down, almost inherently. His most vivid memories from childhood are at the lake or on a river.  Receiving a fly rod at thirteen seemed like natural progression.

In pursuit of a culinary career and a desire to “head west”, Anthony landed in Vail in ’99.  Working in some of the Valley’s top restaurants, balancing chasing fish and the lifestyle in the high country.  In 2008 he branched off from the restaurant scene, became a private chef and started guiding; the next phase in pursuing both passions.

Fly fishing has lead Anthony across Colorado and western states, Idaho and the OP for steelhead, Patagonia, Belize, Mexico and others; all for the chase.  If there is water around he wants to be fishing it, you get the point.

The passion is now being passed on to the next generation, proud father to Tucker Hatch Mazza age 3, future fishing addict who can’t get enough time on the water

“Its not the best fishermen who catches all the fish, its the best listener” - Lincoln Westby (permit master)

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The level of handsomeness working at Trout Trickers can be intimidating to Bob, or Bobber as he is called. There are many days where he has realized he is the ugly duckling and is forced to use his other traits to help you enjoy your day, his eye candy is getting stale. His polite nature and clean mouth makes you want to invite him to dinner or maybe marry your cousin when you are done with a day in his boat. His charming nature, wit and artistic flare are only overshadowed by his concern for saving the world from hunger. When not enjoying long romantic walks with his best lady, Kitty, he is growing a fun young lad named Sam or knitting something. His favorite flavor is Skoal, his favorite color is black, like his soul and there might be some sarcasm in the drift here.

Bobber loves to row a boat for fishermen who get it as well as referring to himself in the third person. Yes I will babysit your kids once in awhile. Streamer fishing gets me worked up. I like dogs more than people. Alternative or old school hip hop over classic rock or country any day. Dry fly fishing on my favorite river on the planet (guess) is where I want to spend most of my time. I tie flies for you knuckleheads every morning and I still enjoy it. I have loved being part of this incredible industry and look forward to everyday I get to enjoy showing nice people my office walls, the mean ones I show the door. Don’t be mean. Ask me about hosted trips to Belize and beyond. Read my stupid blog and enjoy the thousands of pictures I have taken over the last decade at    Bored yet?

Yeah me too, lets go for a float and whack trout.